Why Most Traditional Businesses Don’t Grow

A lot of traditional small business owners go through tragedy with their businesses because their companies refuse to grow.

And there are several reason why small businesses don’t grow: For example, lack of capital, if you don’t have enough money to invest, your business will fail to grow

Of course, there are other reasons such as bad management, bad business model, or poor marketing. But the main reason why a lot of traditional business doesn’t grow is because of the business owner itself!!!!

If you are the kind of a business owner who thinks like “this is how things are done in my business, and it’s always going to be that way” your business will never grow

This is coming from an ex independent hairdresser, and I masseuse that I was for about 9 years, I believe that the main reason why your businesses stop growing

It’s because you as the owner of the business stop learning new tricks about your business...... Because you think that you already know it all

You think that you know everything that you need to know about your company is the reason why your business stays the same, and if you are not careful your business will die because where there is no growth is dead

To grow your company is to keep learning new things because the world we live in does not stay the same so is your business

Learning new tricks will only bring progress, and that is what business is about, to be progressive.

The more you learn is the more you will know, and the higher service you can deliver to your customers for higher earning

As Alibaba has said the best people to learn from are the younger generation, and that is very correct

If you want your business to grow, hire some younger people in your company, and try to learn from them to keep going with the flow because the world is changing very fast, and the younger generation are smarter

Read books about management, and leadership, occasionally meet with other business owners who are in the same business model as you, talk with them about the change in business this will also help to keep you in flow with your business

Conclusions: Keep learning to grow your business, and don’t stick with the old ways, hire younger generation to keep your business inflow learn about management, and leadership, invest in your business

Whatever you do, don’t let your ego get in the way of your progress, remember that you are in business to be successful in life, so don't lose sight of your vission, and mission of your business. How not to lose sight of what is important in business 

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Until next time.

Best wishes,

Sandra Kiers

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