What To Do If You Hate Your Business… Ultimate Solution

The ultimate solution... I believe you are here because you hate your business, and you are looking for solutions... You are at the right place

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  • What to do if you hate your business... The moving forward, and the solution 

It's common that people get tired with what they do for a living or hate what they do for a living, so don't bit yourself up because you are not the only one...

Study reviews that about 85% of the world population hate what they do for a living, and most are the people who work for a boss mostly because they hate their boss

You are your own boss, and most people might not get why you will hate your own business, but I get you very well because I have been there.

For years I continue working hard in my own business that I hated because I thought that I had no other choice but to keep doing the business that was bringing me pains, and sufferings in life.

And later did I know that I do have choices, we all have choices, and should not make the one choice that will cost us our happiness, and health

In the next chapter I will share with you a little bite of my experience with doing the business that I hated, and what it caused me

This share will help you know when you must turn the table to make the right choice that will serve you, and your loved ones well... Stay with me


  • What to do if you hate your business... My experience with doing my own business that I hated, how I survived, my coming out from the disaster, my break-through, and the progress

First, thank you for sticking around reading this blog, I will not take much of your time, so let do this...  For about 9 years I was an independent hairdresser, and a masseuse

I was working 12 to 14 hours a day six day a week, unable to be there for the people I love, and I was unable to live a heathy quality of life because I was always working, I was almost never home

I will left home about 07:00 am to come back home between 08:00 pm and 10 pm Monday to Friday, expect on Saturdays that I worked till 05: 30 pm then I will be home a little bite earlier

Sundays, I was always free from workplace but not from the business paperwork that I had to do at home, "you know what I mean?"

Getting up from bed became struggle for me, mentally... When ever my alarm goes off in the morning, once I opened my eyes the first things that come to my mind are the difficult customers that I had to put up with, and all my running around like a headless chicken, "I could never help not to say another frustrating day"

You can imagine that being the first thing that you will say to yourself every morning in bed, that was how f...k my life was. As time went by, I became unhappy, unfulfilled, I have had multiple burn-out, and depression.

Health and happiness

Even though my health, the happiness of the people I loved, and my happiness were paying the ultimate price of my hectic workaholic lifestyle, yet I kept working hard in this business that does not fulfill my desire of a good life

I have large family in Africa who depend on me for financial support, and I thought that that the traditional way of earning was the only that I could provide for them

The society made us believed that the traditional way of earning is the only way, but the society is wrong, and I am going to prove to you on this blog that there is a much better way to earn an income than the old way

I suffered running a traditional business of my own. It is tough, and hard to have a good life balance as a physical business owner. The traditional way of earning is broken, is exhausting, there is no guarantee for financial security, and financial stability

If I knew years ago what I know now, I would have never started a physical business or earning my income in the traditional way

Now that you have read about the pains, and the sufferings that I had to endure running a traditional business, the next chapter I am going to share with you how I break-through from the self-sabotage so called business... Keep reading love


  • I hate my business... How I break-through

When I had enough of  trading my life and my time for a business that was preventing me from living the lifestyle that I wanted. I started looking for an option of how to save myself from the self-sabotage old way of earning.

Then I met a woman named Bei Meer Wang on the internet. Bei Meer Wang shared her own experience with the traditional earning system

mei meer wang shared how became depressed because her job was not fulling to her, and she was looking for solution to her problems she then now met Stuart Rose, a mentor who offer her free training videos to learn how to start an online business from scratch

With the free training she discovered how to start a profitable online business to live a better lifestyle, and her life has completely changed since then, she now lives a good quality of life that she always wanted because of the free training that that explained the simple way to start an online business from scratch.

Free training

And Bei Meer Wang was willing to send me the same free training to start an online business from scratch but at first, I was skeptical, I said to myself who gives out free training to someone they have not met.

I thought that it might be a scam, until Bei Meer Wang revealed the man who created the free training name Stuart Ross is a co-founder of SMF

SFM is a platform that trains, that lead, that help, that support, and that guide people all over the world to start and run successful online businesses for over a decade, and SFM partner with LinkedIn

With these revelations I could tell that it is genuine, after all, I have nothing to lose the training videos are totally free then I gave Bei Meer my name and email address

What I did with the free training

That one action I took on that day has changed my life for the better. Because since I started my online business, I have never been happier in my life

I am using the internet from the comfort of my home to create financial stability for me, for the people I love, and I achieved the time freedom to spend with family, and friends

Now I can help other people to start a profitable online business so that they too can be able to live the life they desire... To me there is no greater joy in life than changing lives

But there was a time when I was scared to start an online business because I felt that to start an online business is hard and risky

but since I found the SFM I discover that to start an online business is not hard or risky when using working proven system that is helping millions of people to become successful in life... Like the system the SFM provide.

I am incredibly happy with the direction that my life has turned, and this could be you too... I believe that if I can do it, you can do it too, and I can help you start a profitable online business that will enable you achieve financial stability, time freedom and location freedom

In the next chapter I am going to share with you the easiest way to start a highly profitable online business from scratch

To start earning your income from the comfort of your home around everyone and everything you love... keep reading, we are getting close to your break-through


  • How to help you get started with your own online business to archive financial stability, time freedom and location freedom

You have read how the free training videos helped Bei Meer Wang to start a successful online business from scratch.

And you also read how the free training changed my live to be creating income stream from home, achieving financial stability, time, and location freedom.

The same free training is responsible for thousands of people all over the world to start and run successful online businesses

So, if you are ready to start an online business for the purpose to achieve financial stability, time freedom, and location freedom, put your name and your email address on the orange color link below!!! to signup for the free training videos series workshop

And I will send you the same free training videos series workshop, that is responsible for me, and other thousands of people from all over the world to start and successful online businesses from scratch.

I believe that online business is not for everyone, and it is not everyone is ready to do whatever it takes to live a better quality of life

When you receive the free training, and you are not interested in starting an online, you can unsubscribe at any time we will go on our separate ways and you will never hear from me again

But when you use this free training to discover how to start an online business and become successful please do not forget to inspire someone else to change life as your life is about to change for the better

That's for now, thank you for being here... Don't hesitate to ask me anything via the contact me page here... I hope to be seeing you around and don’t forget to sign up for the free training videos here below. See you on the other side

Best Wishes,

Sandra Kiers

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