I was living my life in a routine, repeating the same activities to avoid disappointment, but little did I know that disappointment is a process of growth that can lead to a successful life.

A Comfort zone is a place where you feel safe and comfortable by doing the things that you are familiar with and comfortable doing.

The usual Chinese take-away.  Watching the same TV programs. Listing to the same music. The same way of dressing. That same hairstyle. As we go on with life, it becomes comfortable to stick to what feels safe and familiar to stay in the comfort zone

There are no action, no growth, no surprises, no momentum, no fun, and satisfaction in the comfort zone. If you ask me, it is boring to be in the comfort zone

Doing the same old same old day after day. you've become satisfied with what you have right now even though your heart is yelling for more.

What if you actually embracing the things that make you feel uncomfortable can help you get more from your life, to enable you to live the life that you really want? After all, nobody has ever discovered anything  by doing the same old things

Being afraid of change limits what you can accomplish in life. Stepping out of my comfort zone gave me the opportunities to put myself out there to create a successful life

And if you want to live a better quality of life, you have to start trying new things, to help you step out of your comfort zone. So that you can create and live the lifestyle that your heart is yelling for.


Start by trying something different/new every day, if you don’t keep it consistent you can easily fall back to your old routine

If you don’t do exercise, you should start, exercising helps to build self-confidence.

If you are someone who does exercise normally at home go to the gym some times, and if you are someone who only does exercise at the gym, don’t stop going to the gym just do your exercise sometimes at home

If do your chopping on every particular day, for example, every Monday, or Saturday, Do your shopping on another day. And if you do your shopping at a particular chop, next time do your shopping at a different chop

If you wear to make every time you want to go out, start by going out some times without makeup, this might be a bit challenging to some people, it was for me

If you use the same direction to get to a place, try a new direction next time to get to the place

If you have any TV series you watch at a particular time, skip it something and use that time to read a book instead, this was a tough one for me I couldn’t miss B&B for a day

If you always dress in a certain way to impress people, start by wearing what you are comfortable wearing, and this was a big one for me to overcome however it is worth my life is for me to live, so is your life you're to live as well

If you cook the same particular meal on a certain day, cook another meal on the day

If you go to a particular place on a particular day and time, switch to another day or time

Always think about the next thing to do, don’t always do what is in front of you.

Break the habit of regularity except they have to do with health, duty, care, mealtime, business, bedtime/wakeup time, job, etc.

Push yourself but not too hard, keep it simple, take baby steps, pushing too hard might cause exhaustion that might want you to go back to the old habit because after all, it is easy for we humans to do the things  that we are familiar to

Read books. Meditate. Learn new hobbies. Meet people

That’s is, for now, thank you for sticking around and I hope to be seeing you more. I hope this will  serve you well as they have served me please leave a comment by now

Warmest Regards,

Sandra Kiers

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