Let say, you had it with worring over what people think about you... I get you because I have been there myself, and it is very exhausting to live life like that

And you dont't have to continue living your life panicking over people opinions about you... In this blog I have shared all the useful strategy that helped me overcome my worriness about what others think about me... Keep reading, and enjoy

There are 2 group of people who always have something to say about you, me or anybody...

In the next chapter that is what we are will be talikg about, and this will make you undsertand better that what people think about you does not matter

  1. Group... your Loved ones

Your family and friends who care about you will want to protect you by letting you know their concerns and their worries about the decision you about to make you or have already made.

They mean no harm they love you they looking out for you they want to protect you and they fear you will be hurt and be disappointed if your plan does not go accordingly so they will try to talk you out of your plan because they fear failure.

They only see what they want to see, and if they believe that they cannot archieve something, they will also think that you cannot archieve it aswell... But remember that you should know that you alone can decide for yourself what you can or can't do. no one else but you.


2. Group... The people who are not your family or friends

This people probably don’t like you so they will not want you to be successful in life because your success is a reflection of their failure they

In most cause this group is the most unsuccessful they talk a lot but they act less they are very good at having an opinion about everything. they want to feel important. They will say almost anything to stop you from you making a good decision to be successful.

They are talkative but with no results, they don’t take action because they don’t believe in themself they have given up a successful lifestyle and accept their life situation the way it is.

They are scared of you becoming successful in life because that is a prove, of what they already know about themselves, but their ego would let them see the truth that they are scared lazy people who have never taken any risk in life to create success.

Braking-through progress

To brake-through progress... Don't hang out with negative people, they will pull you down with their negativity. Success comes to the people who will take risks to be becoming more in life.

Success requires hardworking, believing in your ability to do great things, open-mind, vulnerable to top it all connect with the positive mindset of people, and this the most important of it all

Surround yourself with the people that understand you, like minded people. The people that are successful in life, and have the mindset of creating success.

Creative people hard-working people motivational people, inspiring people, those who talk less but do more, and by their doing you see results.

These are the kind of people you need to surround yourself with, and that is if you really want to create a successful life.


  • Never give up on yourself: For you to be a winner
  • Take chances in life: For you to reach your goals in life.
  • Always try new things: To know what works best for you
  • Put yourself out there: To grow your confidence
  • Challenge yourself every time: To keep you out of your comfort zoon
  • Put your self first always: To have the chance to make the right decision for yourself
  • Love yourself: So that you can love those who deserve your love
  • Appreciate yourself: To know your worth
  • Remember you you are worthy, you deserve happiness and success


David Goggins - Stop Caring What Other People Think Of You This Is Wh Most Fail In Life please CLICK HERE to see this motivational video

Thank you for being here... I hope these methods work for with you as they have for me. Don't hesitate to ask me anything via the contact me page here, and please leave a comment... Let me know what you think

Beste Wishes... Sandra Kiers


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