How To Let Go Of Perfectionist

It is exhausting to be a perfectionist. I want to have it exactly this way, not in any other way.

I have to double-check every detail to be sure that everything is how it suppose to be

I don’t want any mistake because I want it perfect. Everyone should know that nothing can be perfect

Being a perfectionist will hold you back from being productive, and creative, I know this for sure because I held the title perfectionist for a very long time in my life.

I grew up with my eldest Joy. Joy is a sweet, kind person and a perfectionist we ague a lot when I was growing up I became tired of our arguments

And started doing things in her ways to please her automatically I became a perfectionist myself even worst than she is.

I am not saying that it is her fault that I became a perfectionist. because it is not, she just doesn't know any better

I only want you to understand that the trigger of my perfectionism came from my childhood, and it is the same with most people but they don't just no it yet

I have been a perfectionist for almost all my life, I will not only double-check but I will triple check every detail, take it from me it is a total waste of time to be double-checking.

My paste-self said there is no room for mistakes, my now, and my future-self say more mistakes more wisdom

In this present time, I let myself make as many mistakes that I can  because making mistake gives me the opportunity to be better next time to gain more wisdom

Mistakes are good the more of it you make the more wisdom you achieve in life, It took me a long time to realize it

Let your creativity shine instead of trying too hard to make everything seem perfect. You should know that nothing has ever been perfect and will ever be. Period.


How To Stop Being A Perfectionist? Let get to it

Don’t try to copy anyone else, be yourself and do things in your own way.  Remember you are not in competition with anyone but you are in competition with who you were yesterday

Don’t try to do everything on your own, learn to ask for help when necessary, and trust the ability of your helper to do the task

Don’t involve with everything going on around you, give other people the opportunity to do a thing in their way without you interfering

Time yourself before starting any task, you might not be done with the time, but it let you know how many times you spend doing it, and if the task is worthy of the time.

If you cannot finish a task at a particular time don't let it slow your day just move on to the next task.

And come back to finish the unfinished task when you most have done with your priority.  And always remember there is tomorrow to finishes anything that you could not get done  today

Don’t waste your time fixing things that should be belong done with, better still use the time to do something meaningful to keep you moving forward in life.

Be positive and always see the positive of things instead of the negative. For example, see a half-full glass of milk and don’t see a half-empty glass of milk

Don’t bite yourself up when you made mistakes remember you are a human, humans are born to make mistakes the more mistakes the more wisdom

Trust that you are good enough just the way you are. Whatever value you can add to the sociality is good enough as long as the intentions behind it are good... That all that matters

That was that, and I appreciate you being here please leave a comment let me know what you think, and if you have any questions reach out to me via the contact me page. I hope to be seeing you around, Best Wishes, Sandra Kiers


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