How To Overcome The Feeling Of Overwhelm, And Challenges

Let us not ignore that stepping out of the comfort zone to be doing new things is tough enough to have the feeling overwhelming and facing some challenges

But do we let that stop us from going after what we truly want in life? Hell no..... that’s why I made this blog to help you overcome overwhelm, and challenges

What causes overwhelm?

  1. Too much information or the different information’s from a different source.
  2. Overthinking.
  3. Perfectionism.
  4. Not taking care of yourself emotionally, physically, and mentally

Too much information: When we are trying new things or want to do something for the first time, the normal thing to do is to look for information regarding what we want to get done but have in mind that too much information without action can cause you to feel overwhelmed.

What to do here is to always go straight to the information that you need at a time, and once you have it start taking actions directly

Apply the information where needed this way you will be creating space in your brain for other things, and that is exactly what I am doing to overcome overwhelm with too much information’s

The different information’s from different sources: Everybody with their own opinions, and believes because of that when you have too much information’s from a different source with different believes it might create some confusion in your mind that will make you feel overwhelmed

For sure is good to seek advice from more people but you don’t have to work with all of them, you choose only what works best for you, and let the rest go. When chosen, don’t forget to always take the advice that you need to move forward in life

Overthinking: Don’t blow your brain up with thinking. When we overthink things, our brain will start playing tricks on us, trying to protect us from ourselves, and this self-protection creates overwhelm and causes set back in life

Whenever I feel overwhelmed by overthinking, I always ask myself what value will overthink adds to my life? Then I will go straight to do the necessary even if I am scared, I will still go ahead and do what needed to be done.

You should use this strategy I believe it will work for you as it is working for me.

When you always take immediate actions, you are training your brain to get used to doing different/new things and remember that doing new things is one of the important keys to open the door to success

Perfectionism: Nothing has ever been perfect, and nothing will ever be period... Coming from someone like me who used to be a perfectionist, when you always try to get things done perfectly you are adding nothing to yourself but stress, overload, and overwhelm

Don’t look for perfection in anything and don’t try to fix things that are not made to be.

When you find yourself trying to be perfect remind yourself that you are a human, therefore whatever thing that you are doing or have done is done by a person, and people are allowed to make mistakes.

Letting go of perfectionism will help you overcome the feeling of overwhelm

Taking care of yourself: No matter what you do never forget to take care of yourself Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally.

Little things that you can do to take care of your well being: Eat healthily, always get enough sleep, take a break

from work/activities every now and then, exercise, go out for fresh air, drink up to 2-liter water daily, share your feelings/thoughts with other people, always listen to your body, don’t try to fix everything on your own because is ok to ask for help if needed

Taking care of yourself will help you overcome anxiety, stress, feeling overwhelmed, and increase the level of your concentration

We have it, thank you for visiting I hope this helps please leave a comment let me know what you think, and I hope to be seeing you around

Best Wishes

Sandra Kiers

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