If you are someone who is always afraid to take chances that can lead to your success, and you want to start making the change to challenge yourself to be productive, and to be successful, this article is for you.

In this article, I am going to give you some very good tips on how you can overcome the fear of failure.

I will share with you the working proven methods billions of people have used over the years to overcome the fear of failure. the same methods I used to overcome the fear of failure to be successful in life.

Yes, indeed the fear of failure is more common than you think. Most people are constantly thinking about what could go wrong in life. It’s a strong emotion. It keeps you from doing great things with your life.

Fear of failure is preventing you from taking risks to start a new business, new relationships, and other potentially successful decisions. It’s not protecting you in any way, it’s doing a lot of damages, nothing good.

You are not living your best life, because you are not taking the steps to lead you to a breakthrough to being successful. Simply because you think you can't make it. Fear of failure

Look within and you will find that what holds you back. it’s the lack of trust in yourself. I know this for sure due to my own journey

And this was me not so long ago I was always second-guessing everything or better say third guessing. I was always worried about what could go wrong in life, I allowed the fear of failure to hold me back from taking the bold steps to be more productive than I was.

I let the fear of failure took control of me. I lacked the ability to trust myself, I could not reach where I want to be in life, I held back from the strong woman that I am today.

Until I started to face my fears by asking myself this simple question WHAT DO I HAVE TO LOSE IF I SET OUT TO TAKE THE BOLD STEPS I ALWAYS WANTED And the answers always come back to nothing to lose.

I took control by doing the things I normally don't do, stepping out of my comfort zone, taking myself out to the world of today

I started to meditate every day till today, I do exercise, reading books, writing, talking to everyone even to the people I don't know, in the past talking to people was a big challenge to me.

I took the risk and I start an online business that I have always admired. And this is a very big breakthrough for me a total transformation in my life.

I don't fear failure I embrace failure through my journey I have come to the realization that failing is a part of success because when you fail it means that you are pushing the boundary to progressive.

Failing is a part of learning, failing is a part of growing to be better another day.

Don't be afraid to take progressive risks that can lead you to your success and your breakthrough. Until you do something you will never know the outcome of it

Failure doesn’t make you give up. It happens when you give up. If you’re still trying, you haven’t failed: QUOTE BY Mel Robin

Some well-proven tips that have work for Lots bunch of people and work for me too, these tips will work for you to get great results of overcoming the fear of failure

  • Start retraining your brain to go after new things and stretch your comfort zone start engaging in something you’ve never done before. There’s nothing like being a beginner in something to force you to remember that you have to be bad at something before you can get good!


  • Always be in the present moment- Stop dwelling in the past and stop worrying about the future. The past is history and the future is mystery life is all about this moment: LAW OF ATTRACTION. (Have fun in whatever thing you are doing)


  • Keeping things simple is another way to remove your fear of failure- Simplicity can do so many things to clear the mind and create a healthier atmosphere. (Love yourself and live a happy life)


  • Trust your abilities to accept failure instead- Failure teaches how to do better, In that way, you will be open to the possibilities in doing the things, that lead to a successful life. (Make your life worth living


  • Put your mind to being progressive instead of being perfect. The truth is nothing has ever been perfect and nothing will ever be. Perfection does not exist. do very often silly little things to laugh at, it’s good to laugh


  •  Think more positively- Positive thinking is an incredibly powerful way to build self-confidence and neutralize self-sabotage. You are one of a kind so let your light shine through you.


www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIXvtQuAS54An inspirational video on fear of failure. Don't be afraid to fail. Failure is a part of success. Failure is where we grow; it is where we gain our strengths...

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