How To Make People Take You Seriously

Want people to start taking you seriously in personal life, and in business? This blog will help you figure is out how to make it happen!!!!!! Continue reading and have fun

It sucks, when you are living a life where seems to be like people don’t take you seriously.

Everyone wants to be taken seriously in life yes of cos we humans like to joke around every now and then, however jokes are jokes, jokes have nothing to do with not to be taking seriously by others.

You can be a very funny person and still be a serious person that people will know when you are in for the joke or for the real deal

Personally, I love jokes, and I consider myself a fun person, however when it comes down to be focus I have it under control, jokes and having fun are not a distraction to me.

You know the saying “There is time for everything” The point is, you should know when to joke and when to be serious.

If you are a person who like to joke or love fun that’s good, and I am not saying that you should stop being you, and to stop having fun or joke around

Infarct I highly recommend that people should joke and have fun more because there is joy in jokes, and life without joy is sad, in the real sense nobody wants to be sad in life


Let get down to it, how to make others take you seriously? Very simple


  • You must start taking yourself seriously before others can take you seriously. How you see yourself and how you treat yourself is very important in life

If you think that you are just a joke not to be taken seriously that is how others will see you and treat you, but if you think otherwise about yourself others will follow. So start seeing, and treating yourself as a funny serious person that you are


  • You should never say what you don’t mean, and always mean what you say even if it is joke. Don’t joke in an abusive way to anyone

Joke lively for fun not to bring others down. In that way you will be a funny person that knows what it does, someone in control, and others will see you, and treat you as a smart funny person and not just like a joker that should not be taken seriously.


  • Is cool to always have fun in life, however, don’t be carry away that having fun will stop you from your duty, and this where most people have problems. Most people don’t know when to call it a quilt and focus on duty

And when you don’t have this under control how can you expect to be taken seriously by others. We cover this earlier there is time for everything in life “period”.


  • The most important “honesty” honesty is the key to every element of to be taken seriously by others. 

Someone who is not honest is call a liar, will you take a liar seriously in business or in personal life? I don’t know about you but as for me my answer is “NO WAY”

So, in whatever thing you do in life please be honest even when you are scared to tell the truth still tell it. Telling the truth brings liberty. Remember the old saying “TELL THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE” Well said


  • Try to always keep your promises, I know we are all humans, none of us is perfect, and I am not expecting you to be perfect, however, keeping your promises is a way of taking care of your responsibilities

Being a responsible figure is very powerful in the society, when you are a responsible person, people will look up to you and respect you, automatically they will take you seriously.


  • Mind your business. Always mind your businesson’t go around interfering in other people personal lives, and businesses that has nothing to do with you. Focus on yourself and not others.


  • Never be too scared to speak your mind. As long your intensions are good, just say it the way your belief and think about everything however don’t speak irrelevantly just to say something.


  • Make your own decisions don’t wait for others to decade for you. If you cannot make decisions, you cannot lead any life including your own life. People don’t take someone who is not capable of making deaccessions seriously.


  • Be in control of your personal life and your business. Take everything you care for very seriously, this way you will be seeing as a serious person, and you know that a serious person is to be taking seriously by others.


However, don’t forget to have fun, every now and then. That’s it for now once more thank you for visiting my site, and please leave a comment let me know what you think, and if you have any question please reach out to me via the contact me page


Hope to be seeing you around.

One Love, Sandra Kiers

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