How To Made The Time To Invest In Yourself with Low Budget

Are you intrested in invest in yourself to create a successful lifestyle, but you don't have enough income to go after what you want?

The good news is, it is very possible to invest in yourself with a very low budget to become successful in life. But you have to the time to do the work. People often say, “they don’t have the time to do some things”

We all have the time to do what is important to us, and don't forget that the invest in yourself is very important, and it is needed if you want to have enough wealth to live the lifestyle that you want to be living

I created the time to investing in myself, and I must tell that it is the best thing that I have ever done for myself in my entire life

And I will keep on investing my time to learn new things as long as I live, and I recommend that you do the same. Because when we stop learning, we stop growing then we die inside.

I made this blog to help you know how to manage your time effetely so that you can have the time to invest in yourself to be productive, and become successful


To Manage Time

Importantly. Set goals and know the reason behind the goals that you have set.

Then do away with your regular activities that are not adding value to your life or your business. To make sure that you have the time to meet with your goals

For examples:


Where, and What

Where do you spend most of your free time, and why? How does what you do in your free time adding value to your life in health, growth, peace of mind, and relief?

If yes fine a way to adjust your activities to make the time to invest in yourself.

And if what you are doing in your free time is not helping you in health, growth, peace of mind, and relief you are wasting your precious time for nothing, better use this time to learn new skills that can bring you success

Who, and Why?

Who do you spend your free time with? What does this person/people mean to you, and why? How are they helping you in your growth to be productive in life?

If not think very if you want to be spending your precious time with this person/people, except close family because no matter what family comes first in everything. I am a strong family person myself

Tv Program

What tv programs are you watching in your free time, and why? How are the programs helping you developing new skills to be productive in life? If not keep things in prospective what is important, and what is not. Remember your future is the most important

Social Medial

How long do you spend on social media daily in your free time, and why? Are you spending time on social media to add value to yourself, and to the society or to see what other people are doing?

Social media can make you and can break you so be wise with the way you use social media. I am a social medial active because I earn my living online.

If you are social media active make sure that you benefit from it to grow, to be proactive, and to create wealth. Otherwise, you are wasting your time to make other people rich


Who are you spending your free time aping/calling and why? What does this person/people mean to you, how are they adding value to your life/business, and how are you adding value to there’s?

If yes good job if not think, be wise and use your time wisely because time waits for no one. Don’t west time in aping or calling the people who mean less to you or you mean nothing to


Do you sleep more than 6/8 hours every day, and why? If yes because it’s needed for medical reasons is ok but if not reduce it because adults need 6/8 hours sleep a daily. Better spend the extra time to read books instead of oversleeping

This the strategy that I am using to create the time to invest in myself with a very low budget, and If you do the same you will have enough time to invest in yourself to become successful in life

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We got it, thank you for being here. Please leave a comment let me know what you think, and I hope this works for you as it has work for me. if you have any questions please reach out to mw via the contact me page I hope to be seeing you around.

Best Wishes,

Sandra Kiers

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