How To Become A Great, And Successful Leader

You want to know how to become a great, and successful leader, that's why you are here... I believe that you are a greate leader, you just might not know it yet

And I used to think that I don’t have what it takes to lead and I have nothing good to offer the world not all till I found my hilding ability to become a leader

Then I realized that anyone who have the desire to lead can be a successful leader, that's what motivated me to create this blog, and I have shered lots of powerful tips here on this article to help you figure out your greate leadership skill


  • But first let's see What is leadership before we proceed to finding out how to become a great, and successful leader

Leadership is about being a good role model of good behaviors to others, and to serve others before yourself 

Everyone can be a leader or a follower however nobody is born with neither of both, it is what you made of yourself that will determine if you are to be a leader or just a follower.

Personally, I will rather be a leader than just a follower, and I recommend the same for you because the world is short with good leaders and people need good leaders to lead them in the right part

Anyone can lead: 

If you don't see yourself like a lead yet, I get you, I never saw myself as a leader either, I worked alone for about 9 years in the traditional business as an independent hairdresser and a masseuse.

Working alone all these years makes me doubt my ability to be a leader. However, being a hairdresser and a masseuse I was in the service of helping customers to feel good and comfortable about themselves

And leadership is about being at the service of others and a role model of good behaviors for people to feel and to be better in life

I have it all along but I didn't recognize it. All till I challenge myself to know how I can serve the world, it's when I found out that I have the quality of a great leadership

Now I am using all that I have learned and still learning to serve my audiences in starting an online business from scratch.

My mission is to lead my audience to create financial stability, time, and location freedom to eneble them live the lifestyle they truly want to be living because I believe that everyone deserves to live a comfortable life

And this is what good leadership is all about serving and changing lives for the better

You can see that you can turn any skills you have to become a great leader... Now we are going to make you the great successful leader that you want... Please stay with me



As a leader, you have to be clear with what your leadership is all about, you have to be clear with your beliefs, and what you stand for.

You must be brave... Bravery is one of the most important skills you must have, a leader must always be ready to do whatever it takes to defend it believe, and protect their followers.

Remenber that you are at the service of others and that means you must be loyal to your followers

Trust... You must have the ability to trust because a leader trusting and believing in your followers will make your followers also trust and believe in you and in your message

You must be a decision-maker because nobody wants to follow a leader who cannot decide for itself

Decision making... You must believe in yourself and your ability to lead, otherwise, you can not lead

Listen, and Attention!!!

Listening is very important in leadership, you must listen to your followers, what are they saying, feeling, and thinking. In this way you will know their pains, sufferings, and desires then it will be very easy for you to come up with solutions

Authentic... You must be original because it is so much easier to be authentic than trying to be someone else or something else

You have to be generous because a leader who is not generous is not a good leader

Generosity... You must have sympathy because a good leader must always have sympathy

Honesty... You must be honest, honesty is the key to a greater leadership

A Good leader never see itself superior to it followers but sees itself as an equal to them... And always remember that you and your followers are team mate

Conclusion:  Just lead others exactly the same way you will want somebody to lead you and this will make you a very fine leader.

Remember everyone can lead and so do you, all you need is practice and you will be ok and you will be a great leader... And if you are having fear of falling ( Click here to read the article how to overcome the fear of falure)

That’s it for now thank you for reading my blog, please leave a comment let me know what you think and if you have any question please reach out to me via the contact me page here I hope to be seeing you around.

Warmest greetings,

Sandra Kiers

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