How Not To Lose Sight Of What Is Important In Your Business

It's very neccesary for not to lose sight of what is important in business, and if you do your company will lose its stand and life will becomes struggle

It does not have to be that way, and this blog is to guide you on how to keep you focus on your goals... Keep reading, and have fun

I have been there as an ex-independent hairdresser and a masseuse. When I started the traditional business my goals were to have the freedom to live my life as I wanted.

I never wanted to be spending the best hours of my day taking orders from a boss. And off cos, I want to be able to support my large family in Africa financially, anyway, my main goal was to be independent in life

As time went on when I lost sight of what is important, and the business took over me. I became a slave to my own business. I was not living but surviving. And that’s what happens when you lost sight of what’s important

When I realized that my life was passing me by, then I knew that I must do something. I took some step back to think about what is it that I want in my life, and these 3 things came up

 What came up?

1. TIME FREEDOM. I was tired of working my aas day-in-day-out in the physical business. So I now want the time freedom to be able to live my life the way I want

2. FINANCIAL STABILITY TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life trading my time for money!!!

As Warren Buffet quotes “if you don’t find a way to make money when you sleep, you will work until you die” I don’t want to work until I die. And I don’t think that you want that too

3. GEOGRAPHICAL FREEDOM. The freedom to live, and to do business anywhere in the world. I was dawn tired of a location fix business that prevented me from revealing as much as I wanted. I was ready to start traveling, and making money while on vacation

All my focus and attention are on these goals, nothing else matters. That's why I started an online business to help me reach these goals.


Now lets take about you... How not to lose sight of what is important to you with  business

First, you must know what is important to you, for not to lose sight of it. Take some time to think, if it is hard for you to figure.

Think back to when you were starting up your existing business to remember what your vision was. And if you have trouble remembering here are tips to help you remember!!!


Things you should think about!!!

What motivated you to start a business of your own? What dreams did you have about the business and your personal life?

What were your exports? How did you wanted your business to change your life? What were you looking to achieve when you started your business? What exacted you the most when you were started up your business?

When you can figure these out, you will have your answer. Then you can reset your vision, and mission to not lose sight of what is important.

Once you reset your goals write them down on something and hang it where you can see it every day to remains you of what you are fighting for. And That is exactly what I am doing to not lose sight of what is important to me

When I realized that the traditional business cannot fulfill my desire for a good life. I switched to start an online business for a better quality of lifestyle that I desire, you can do the same

Because any business that is preventing you from living the life that you truly want to be living does not worth doing

And if you are not happy with the business that you are doing. I advise you to start an online business because a digital business will fulfill your desire of a happy life, and you deserve to live the lifestyle that you want

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Warmest Greetings,

Sandra Kiers

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