How Not To Let Little thing Ruined Your Day

Never let your day be ruined by the little thing that is replaceable

This blog topic came to me over how I almost let my beautiful blessed day get ruined by a little thing that can be replaced

On a Friday a beautiful winter day morning, I woke up at 07:00 am with full energy and a positive mindset. Went through my morning rituals and I had my day planned out.

I was busy with an article that I spend a half-day creating. It was an educational article

Finally, I was done with this article ready to publish and I was very happy with my work it was beautiful.

But something happens I touched the wrong side of the mars and everything I have been working on for half a day was just done just like that.

I thought I could find it on my system I spend almost an hour searching but gone. I was angry, causing in fact I lost it.

My beautiful day has been ruined over an article I can rewrite, it might take time to do but it is replaceable.

Then I realized that it is just an article. There is someone somewhere in the world at that moment having to deal with much big loss

Maybe the loss of a loved one, loss of business, loss of a job, or loss of home and there are people battling with serious health problems. And here I am feeling sad over an article that I can replace.

Then I seat behind my laptop start writing to replace it, and it did take some hours to finished but it was done and it was so much better than the one I lost.

At the end of the day, I finished my day the way I had planned though it was a little bit later than I have planed however I achieve a lot.

By not letting my day be ruined by a little thing my day turned out the way it supposed to turn

And if I had stayed angry I could have not got the positive energy to get my job done and finished my beautiful day as I have planed

No matter what, do not let your day be ruined by any little thing because it is not worth the energy.

Remember whatever you have lost someone somewhere in the world has lost more valuable, always remember that

That’s it thank you for reading, as you know this article is not what I had in mind to write about when I woke up this Friday morning but it is what came to be

I just went with the flow. please leave a comment let me know what you think, and please be honest with your feedback

See you next time Kindest Regards, Sandra Kiers

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