Ooh my goodness I am here feeling so good about myself, I have made it to create the best version of myself, exciting about my future because I now know what my future holds this is handsome.

Just not long ago I was feeling differently, was afraid of failure, I seriously thought that it's impossible for me to learn the digital skill I need to achieve my goals.

I thought that digital skills are too complicated for me to understand, that is not possible for me to keep up with the younger generation.

I worried that I have missed too much already with the digital world, I had lots of doubt and I did not believe in myself. I did not know that I could be this technology.

I now believe the saying that says everything is possible because I am living proof of that, with all the skills I have developed through in this short period of time, yes indeed everything is possible.

Is not just the digital skill and the technical skill I have the privilege to gain from also my self-fisting, I have grown so much in these few months than I have in 10 years.

I came to the SFM with no digital/technical skill with very low self-fisting. not knowing what I wanted and what I was looking for. But now I am very sure with every but me.

I build this very website from scratch by myself. that is amazing and this is just one of the so many skills I have the privilege to develop.

Sometimes I do ask myself why did I not found this wonderful community years ago, Ja the why question? never takes anybody somewhere right?

Anyway, I am here now and that's what count and I will measure I benefit as much as I can from this great community.

And this is what the SIX FIGURE MENTORS stands for, adding value to society, helping you to create the best version of yourself. It's amazing.

learn new skills, finding your ground in this 21st century digital world we now live in. No matter your current situation.

you don't need to have an existing business or any form of education or digital/technical skill, you don't need to have any business ideal, job experience.

All you need is yourself and your burning desire to want to make the change you are looking to make.