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sandra kiers

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Hi, still me Sandra Kiers... Thank you so much for being here to know about me, if you have looked at my pictures above you already known how I look like, and if you are wondering if I was born in Africa, you are very correct

I was born in Nigeria west Africa, I move to Nederland Europe in 2002 at the age of 17 years old to create a better life, and to support my family back in Nigeria

As a teenager moving from Africa to Europe, I naively believed that life in Europe is like living in paradise, I thought once I get to Europe all my problems will be over, you are right, but getting to Nederland my problem begone

My first 8 years in Nederland were a big struggle, I was moving from one refugee’s camp to another looking for a way to obtain a resident permit to be able to work but all my effort could not grant me a stay-permit.

I was closed to be deported back to Nigeria then I met my soul-mate Martin now my husband, and through him, I obtain my stay, and citizenship in Nederland, what a relief, after all these years of no stay-permit, no home, no job, no income, no stable relationship

I finally have it all, and I will forever be grateful to my wonderful supportive husband that gave me wings to fly high to the sky... I hope you are happy in love, and if not yet, don't give up on love you will definitely find love because you deserve it

With that been said... After I met Martin and I got the stability that I needed to establish myself, my journey of making some things out of my life begone

At first what I wanted was the same thing I heard the society saying, "go to school, get a degree, get a good pay job, and save for retirement" maybe you wanted the same thing

Not bad, I thought, I was very excited to have been given the opportunity to go to school in Nederland, the opportunity that I could have not gotten if I was still in Nigeria

My plan was to go to law school to become a human rights lawyer so that I can help people that are going through the same thing that I went through seeking a stay permit in a foreign country

After all, I am the first one to go to college among my siblings, so it was special, and I was ready to study my ass out to law school, but hey, I have a large family in Nigeria that I need to support financially, and I could not be able to support them as I wanted all the years that I could not work in Nederland

Then I have to cult the cheese of becoming a lawyer and go for a shortcut to community college to study executive secretary so that I can get to work quickly to be able to support my family in Nigeria

Too bad, I never get to say "you honor, I am here to defend my client", well life goes on, and there are millions of human rights lawyers in the world to stand for people who need it, don't you think so too?

With that been said... My last months in the community college I had to went for practicals to round up with my study, and I found an office to serve as an internist at small cooperation where everybody knew everybody by name, and I was super happy to be there

I was working at the Backoffice doing the admiration, going to the office in the morning dressing all corporate my dream is about to come to reality, I always said to myself

Always on time at the office never have a day off, then something happened... One day I had a small accident on my way to the office that resulted in me coming in late, and the director was fully aware of the accident

But did not care, he called me to his office, and "said Sandra I don't like my staff coming in late, don't ever come in late to this office again"

I was shocked, speechless, and at that moment I knew that I was on the wrong side of the flow. As I was walking out of his office, I said to myself "this will not be my life, not now, and not for the next 30"

As I went home that day, I told Martin my husband what had happened, and I ask him if that is how it's like working for a boss? And he said, "more or less", I said to Martin I will not be part of this lifestyle

That day I made the promise to myself to become my own boss, and a few months later I graduated I went straight to starting my own business.

For about 9 years I was an independent masseuse and a planner for business owners, working 12 to 14 hours a day 6 days a week. I was working a lot to keep the income coming in because I have to financially support my large family in Nigeria

I never had the time to be there for my husband Martin and I never had the time to take care of myself to live a healthy life because I was always working almost never home

I was always scared that if I don't make enough money while I can if one day my business fails, I will have a financial crisis I cannot be able to take of my family in Nigeria. The fears of the financial crisis took control over me, and I overworked myself

It was exhausted, I was always stressed, I started having anxiety, I became unhappy, and I became depressed

Until I had enough of training my time and life for the business that was robbing me of a good life, then I decided to look for a better business to achieve financial stability because I don't want to spend the rest of my life working hard

As Warren Buffet said, "if you don't find a way to make money will you sleep, you will work until you die" I don't know about you but as for me I don't want to work till I die... Having financial stability in life is very important to me

I was also tired of not being able to be there for my husband, and spend time with him to start having children, so I needed a business that will give me time freedom so that I can be able to spend quality time with my loved ones, to always be there for them whenever they need me, and to start having children

I love to travel visit places meeting new people, so I needed to have location free business that I can do anywhere in the world

And now that I have my online business uprunning all I need is my laptop, and an internet connection I am good to do my business and earn a living, can you imagine having the location freedom to live and do business anywhere in the world.

The internet has given our generation the opportunity of freedom to live life to the fullest. I am very glad to be born in this generation where I can be able to live my life just the way I want

My life, and has completely changed since I started my online business, I have the time to start having children, I have comfort in knowing that I can be able to always be there for my unborn children to support them emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially

I have the time freedom to do what I love, like cooking maybe you too love to cook

As for me cooking brings lots of good memories I have with my mum, she passed in 1992, she was just 41 years old, and I was about 7 years old... Her wings were ready, but our hearts were not ready

I love to take long walk in nature about 14 kilometers every 2 days, and I cycle on my bike for about 27 kilometers every 2 days, one day walks, and the next day on the bike... I love the outside doors maybe because I grew up in Nigeria... Imagine having the freedom to do the things that you love

In my free time, I read self-development books for personal growth, I am not really a social media person, hey I am an online entrepreneur I think I must learn to do more in social media than I am doing at this moment, a friend told me that my Instagram page is very boring, and she is right

Anyway, I have unlimited time to spend quality time with my loved one, and to do the things I love, this is what life is all about and everyone deserves to live life to the fullest, my friend

Because we all live just once, and I am very glad that I have the opportunity to create the lifestyle that I desire. I realized long ago that things don't just happen on their own, everyone is responsible for its success in life

So, yes, I am the person to create the lifestyle I deserve and desire, so are you, my friend, you are responsible for your life, for your success, and for your future

Is when you have enough, you can give more to the people you love and care about... To take care of someone, you have to first take care of yourself because you can only give what you have

The good news is, I am committed to helping you start a profitable online business so that you can be able to live the life that you desire, and deserve

What I want for myself, are also what I want for you. 1, Financial stability for you to become financially independent in life... 2, Time freedom to be able to spend quality time with your loved ones... 3, Location freedom to be able to live, do business, and earn income anywhere in the world

With that been said, if you subscribe to the SIX FIGURE MENTORS platform, I will coach you for six months for free, if you are willy to become successful in life my job is to help you succeed

That’s it for now about me... I can't wait to get to know you, and to help you get what you want in life... thank you so much for being here, and don't hesitate to ask me anything about starting an Online Business

For questions or coaching Click Here to Connect with Me, I hope to be seeing you around... One Love, Sandra Kiers